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Leilani Estefania Juarez Garcia
Floor 5 - Mount Lost | Level: 7

Winds of the outside started to whistle stronger, blowing through Leila. Standing there as she continued to glance at the next mountain down, from the wooden bridge right in front of her. She waited for more of the white hideous birds that came toward her, which served her main purpose of leveling up to where she was now. Another caw was heard from above, but it flew over Leila rather than dive towards her. She pointed her left sharp dagger at the bird as it continued to fly away. Then she took the dagger down, but she didn’t place it back at her side pocket.

“This way!” cried a voice from behind the trees, then other voices were followed. Leila stared at the forest clearing, as the voices came near. She then placed one dagger away in her pocket, as she started to take her first step on the bridge.


Leila heard a roar rather than a caw this time. One player from the coming voices in the forest ran out with fear. Wearing a white vest & armor and light teal pants, and boots. He also sported a Greatsword. He quickly eyed Leila, immediately assuming she was part of someone’s guild. He hesitated to come up to her.

“You gotta help us!” The player muttered, “A goblin is attacking my party!

“Inside the forest?” Leila asked, pulling her second dagger out.

“Yes! Ahhh!” The player screamed as he hides behind the wooden bridge’s wall. For Leila, that wasn’t what a warrior supposed to be when it comes to facing monsters. She rolled her eyes at the man, and opened her menu.

She decided to activate a few of her modes in order to help out. Quickly, she swiftly switched through…

Leila [Solo-Player]
Health – 92%
Level – 7

Daggers – 2
[Use] [Do Not Use]

Speed – Skill
[Activate] [Ignore]

Then, she eyed a skill she hadn’t seen before. It was Speed Sword. She may have obtained that skill after leveling up. She realized that now.

Speed Sword
[Use] [Do Not Use]

Hmm… Immediately, she pressed [Use], at the window. Suddenly, both her daggers grew three inches. Her daggers depicted as swords, but they’re still classified as daggers in the game.

A loud roar was heard once again, and Leila’s speed skill was activated, and so was her new attack power for her daggers. Leila dashed inside the forest, leaving the coward player behind. Passing by every tree, bush, leaf, where she stepped on foot in the past while heading to the wooden bridge, following the roar and the screams of the player’s group. After a minute of sprinting through the forest, she found the group of players in the middle of the forest, with a giant green goblin thrashing two players at the time holding the two players and throwing them towards the ground. As Leila’s speed skill sprinted her towards the goblin, she took out her two daggers and points them at the goblin. It was a big WOOSH to the players being thrashed, all wearing the same uniform as the young player left behind. There were at least 5, and all of them stood back from the goblin and from Leila, just for safety. Three of them took out their swords, prepared to fight back.

Leila then gave the goblin another blow, with one eye on it, and another on the health meter…slowly dropping towards the halfway mark. She then quickly glanced at the other players, willing to fight. “You guys advance to the dungeon, I’ll take care of this!”

“We will!” one of the players said as he puts away his sword. “Our leader ran away from us anyways!”

Uh… Leila twitched a bit, becoming distracted from the comment. Suddenly the goblin slaps her using his large arm, sending Leila far away from it. She squealed during the fallback, and slammed her body to the ground. Her health deteriorated, 1/3 of what it was before.

After the players had moved on, Leila got up and reactivated her speed skill to return to the goblin. Holding her two daggers again, she sprinted back towards the goblin. But it turned out that one of the guild players had stayed. A brown-haired, pale-skinned teenage boy Leila immediately recognized, but instead of him seeing his casual clothing, he was in the white and light-teal armor.


The player turned around, it was indeed Ollie with his sword. But it became distracting for him. The goblin didn’t take any chance in thrashing him. He grabbed him, squeezing his fragile body, and slamming him to the hard-solid ground. Leila gasped at what she just saw. Her anger rose, as she had her eyes locked at the goblin. With her speed skill, she sprinted towards it, avoiding what would be a deadly thrash from the goblin. She used both daggers to slash both its legs, creating two lines of bits and bytes seen. Its health level was finally falling, to the point that one more blow would finish it.

“Hang in there, Ollie!” Leila cried, quickly glancing at the injured player. Her health wasn’t sounding too well either, down at 34%. A thrash from the goblin would kill her for sure. “Another blow like that and we’re done for!”

The goblin kept his eye on Leila, starting to run towards it. Her two daggers were already out, and pointed towards it. Even though she is weak already, she still managed to sprint again. As she cuts through the goblin’s legs once again, creating a much larger opening, the goblin roared…falling down to the ground. Leila dashed away from the goblin, as it dissolved itself, exploding with bits and bytes flying around.

Leila sighed with huge relief. The huge goblin was finally defeated, and not even a guild couldn’t defeat it. She turned around to the other side of the clearing. Something was missing…or rather, someone. There was no sign of Ollie anywhere.

“Ollie?” Leila called out. “Ollie, did you leave?”

No sound was made anywhere, but it immediately hit her. He passed. Not knowing thereafter, as she concentrated on killing the goblin. The forest was quiet once again, and her health was very low. Leila fell down to her knees, dropping both of her daggers on the ground. Then, several windows popped up, many of them were related to the battle.

Level up!

Leila [Solo-Player]
Health – 17%
Level – 8


Item Found!
Blue Bracelet
[Pick up] [Leave]

“Ollie’s bracelet…” Leila said to herself, she pressed [Pick up], and hugged it right after, knowing that she had lost a true friend in the game. Then, she placed her hand on the virtual ground, where Ollie stood, preparing to fight the goblin. Tears strolled down her eyes, falling on her upper knees and onto one of her daggers…feeling despair towards her one and only friend. She reached to the point that she will never forgive herself.
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