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There's some interesting points raised, and a different way to view it.

I think in some aspects I am a tourist; unlike other places I have found remembering the names of places less...natural? than before (Driftveil for instance, one I have learnt to remember quickly, is mostly just because I love its music so much), and I did find some places less endearing than others as before, such as the post-game areas which were less fun to explore than others given the lack of point beyond 'watch Looker talk at a Sage'.
I think a lot of people disagree that the rest of the map is easy, considering the level jump and such. I would argue that there's a lot to explore still in Unova after you've finished it, but that doesn't necessarily imply a post-game. It really doesn't take that much time to explore something, especially in Pokemon. And once it's explored, there's really no need to explore it again; post-game usually implies more of a longevity than that. But as far as Unova, it has a Battle Subway which is comparable to Sinnoh's arenas, and it has Black City/White Forest, Abyssal Ruins (a game in itself), Dream World, etc.
Old post so I'm no so much replying to but using as a platform to rant a bit. =p The level jump post game for extra areas was certainly difficult, I agree... but it felt off to me as such. It just did not seem right that suddenly everyone has pokes...what, 10-15 levels stronger than the E4s/yours? Including preschooler trainers? @[email protected] It didn't really seem thought out well and probably contributed to the feeling I had with the other routes post-E4.

And it also felt a bit off in the lack of things to do, which I'd argue don't compare favourable to other games. Abyssal ruins seemed to be more a guide-dang-it thing (unless someone wants to confess to solving it all by themself?) that did not offer much beyond sellable objects or items not typically used if you don't use Arceus. Black city/White forest was hurt by a lack of local wifi access if you didn't have it. Battle subway is great and all, but beyond that... musicals pale in comparision on contests/pokeathlon imo, and dream world is annoying in being 6 days a week, one hour maximum and not even on the DS, so no wonder one may get a natural disconnect to it with the Unova region itself (it's not really part of Unova I suppose either, come to think of it...)
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