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Originally Posted by Circaoffire View Post
Sooooooo, I FINALLY finished Dark Rising Beta 1!!! I loved it so far! Not much to complain about(since you guys will be/are fixing them). But if this hasn't been mentioned before, can you change the level of the wild pokemon? While we can use the vs seeker if we need exp, raising pokemon from level 20 to 55 is hard.

But, Here is my team!!!
Dragonite lvl 64
Tyranitar lvl 61
Golurk lvl 62
Lapras lvl 62
Lucario lvl 63
and My disrespectful Volcarona lvl 63
:D Comments?
Why Golurk. U do realise that Earthquake and Fly is the only useful move it has and since it's Shadow Punch is now a special move, u do realise that it is all but disadvantages?