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    What are your thoughts of it? I remember it as some cartoon that has a random universe with strange creatures and 1 human boy named Finn, and a talking bombastic dog named Jake.

    When I saw it, it was just slowly becoming like any other normal cartoon until it became.... deeper. Especially with how Finn dates Flame Princess, how they like each other, and how they try to be together.

    Especially that "I Remember You" episode, Marceline tries to get Ice King(Simon IDK how to spell his last name) back by what he said and her singing. And there was a flashback of how he used to be, even when he had the crown at the time, he was still generous.

    And we get to see how bad the Lich was judging from the episodes of Season 4 and the Season 5 premiere. It's kind of like Samurai Jack judging from how their worlds became terrorized long ago, but they're more different through.
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