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    Originally Posted by Ninjagon View Post
    Even though Hydreigon can already wreck opposing teams in OU with ease, I'd like a Speed revamp, to something like 122 Base Speed and an Attack devamp, to about 80. A Physically Sweeping Hydreigon is rare anyway, so there really isn't any need for that Attack being so high. It doesn't need more bulk, but would be better with more.
    Hydriegon is one of the most well designed and balanced pokemon in the game. It is also a pseudo-legendary, so if you want the absurd 122 speed, something's gotta give. There's really no reason to buff Hydriegon.
    An extreme example would be, I would like it if Mewtwo got a speed buff, something like 146 speed, and its attack is a little low, 110 is nice, but 130 would be better.
    Don't fix what isn't broken... to break it.

    EDIT: You did mention a attack nerf. But as you mentioned, it isn't a physical attacker, so the nerf wouldn't have any actual consequences, thereby giving it virtually a free buff.

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