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    Pokemon following you around like in Yellow,Hg,SS

    Yes, I was sad that they didn't put this in B/W and B/W2

    Berry Trees Back

    Oh wow I first didn't notice it was gone, but I don't think it should return after all we got the rangers to give us berries.

    New Battle system (6 on 6, etc.)

    Just no, I hate 3-on-3, rotation is ok. But I prefer to just double and single battle.

    Multiple Regions


    Battle Frontier return

    I Don't care about the battle frontier.

    New Starter types

    Do you mean other type combinations then yes. Whole diffirent start types then no.

    Dark type Gym Leader

    Yes then all types have a gym leader.

    Tournament instead of elite four

    Would be fun to have.

    Return of team rocket

    Meh team rocket is just not interesting.

    New eeveelutions

    Yes I geuss a Steel type would be nice.

    New storyline(Not the old ten year old sets out to be champ and stop bad guys)

    I geuss so it be diffirent but then it will be hated like B/W first did because it was diffirent.
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