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Why you're joining: Because I'm an athlete/dancer and I need to improve strenght.
Oh, and I think is a good idea to talk more about stretches here. People need to be strong AND flex! I think I can help.

Main Discussion Points:

Q: Do you have a nutrition plan or diet that you follow? If so what is it? Would you like to see more dietary talk in the club?
A: Yes, I'm vegan. I really think nutrition is very important because that's what determines how will be our body response to any exercite.

Q: How do you feel about working out/exercising with other people? Do you prefer doing it alone where no one can see you or do you prefer having other people with you? Why is this?
A: I really enjoy working out with a friend or in group, I feel more motivated than when I'm doing it alone.

Secondary Discussion Points:
Q: What is your fitness goal?
A: To be as strong and flexible as I can, exploring the limits of my body.

Q: What is your motivation to work out?
A: To be a fluid dancer, and to be free to express myself. When someone is very strong and very flexible, he/she has a lot more freedom of movement.

Current Topic:
Q: What do you prefer and aim for? Strength or size?
Strength, as I've said above.