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As Andy realised Yuki was there supporting him, he looked at her and somehow, their eyes met. After a few moments, he looked away with a red flush spreading across his countenance. Yuki was confused about the change of colour, but didn't think much about it and continued supporting her friend. He definitely didn't seem alright.

Yuki soon found herself surrounded, all her new friends emanating strong waves of concern for her pain-stricken friend, and she very soon discovered that Andy was suffering from a headache. "And a very terrible headache it must have been, seeing how it brought Andy to his knees and all," Yuki thought. As friend after friend came to help, she felt quite disorientated, lost her supporting hold on Andy and was suddenly pushed out of the tight group.

Standing there, she felt like her new friends were ignoring her, almost. Oh well, that was normal...wasn't it? She'd been ignored by people almost all her life due to her shocking appearance and her quiet, shy personality. But still... She felt a dull sadness inside of her as insecurity took over. She wanted to be needed.

But...that feeling when Andy looked into her eyes...what did it mean...? Curious... So very curious... That thought flashed in her mind, but she brushed it aside.

Yuki watched as the others took Andy away to his dorm and went to pick up her things which she had dropped in haste to attend to Andy. Then she turned around and looked for Amber. Amber..? Amber!! She was nowhere to be seen. A sudden panic took hold of Yuki and a trickle of sweat dripped from her forehead. She had forgotten all about her due to Andy's problem! How could she have been so careless as to not look after her Pokemon? Why didn't she put her back inside her Pokeball? Where was her partner?!
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