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    “Zel- ah I mean... Rei... This is a lot to process. I mean, we don’t even know one another. How are we supposed to do all this when we were quite literally dumped here into a world we don’t know?" The bird-like girl spoke.

    "We're going to die, aren't we?" Came a smart-alec remark from the Hylian girl.

    The boy, on the other hand, was mumbling to himself - or more likely, to the being living within - before a small Ooccoo Jr. came out of nowhere in a full-fledged panic. The boy chased it around the room and it quickly ended in front of the giant golem creature.

    This overload of questions was rather harsh on the already stressed and weakened princess. "As long as we're safe in a sanctuary like the one we're in, you may still call me Zelda. There's no fear of eavesdropping here..." She glanced over at the snide Hylian girl seemingly disapproving of the comment, but too weak at the moment to interject. Zelda seemed to only rest her head atop her paws, her eyes half open and a bit dimmed. These truly are dark times...

    It was at that moment that a pink 'fairy' appeared from her head, seeming to watch the others in a somewhat protective motion in defense of the princess. It was moments later that this winged ball of light exploded in a shroud of smoke, which quickly faded to reveal a woman taller than average, nearly six and a half feet tall. She wore odd navy and white clothing, with pointed ears and piercing red eyes that could stare straight into your soul. She watched the others, seemingly determining if there's any threat, and deciding that it's safe, lowered her readily offensive stance to stand upright.

    The new woman began to walk over behind the counter and begin going through the various drinks and other objects, causing the occasional glass klink. When she spoke, it seemed to hold a lot of power behind it. Good lord, even Vaati wasn't this menacing. "My name is Ash. Now, if anyone has something wise-ass to say," She shot a look directly at the Hylian woman before continuing, "keep it to yourself. Whether any of you like it or not, you're stuck here. So if we're offering you help, you'd better shut up and accept it. Zelda is right; if you do this on your own, you will die, and no one is going to risk their own life to try and rescue yours."

    She placed a bowl full of milk on the counter, encouraging the princess to drink from it. "Now, if we can work together, train, gather resources, and find equipment, we might have a chance. So if you'd rather die, then go ahead and leave because no one is going to listen to your complaints. If you'd actually like to do something about it, then get used to the idea of working together." She seemed to have relaxed a bit. "It's getting late, so you can relax for the rest of tonight. There are plenty of drinks here, but don't touch the milk. It's scarce and we need it for situations like this." She gestured toward the weak princess. "And we have food in the fridge. There's a closet with some sleeping bags and pillows, so you can choose who gets what."

    She closed her eyes and sat atop the counter, beside the princess, leaning against the wall. "If you want my opinion, I'd recommend you all get to know each other and learn to get along. Cover each others' weaknesses and take advantage of your strengths. It's the best chance you'll get." She was now drinking a cup of hot tea; somehow she'd prepared it without anyone noticing.

    The princess had finished the bowl of milk and was at least able to sit up again. "You'll have to forgive her... She can be rather cruel, but it's only in our best interest... She is right... So, would any of you like to explain something about yourself?"

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