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    James Joules Garnet - Mt. Coronet

    James twitched ever so slightly upon seeing Aria's ears and for all that was pure, tried not to stare at them while Aria had her hat off. "I'm guessing you wield some form of animalistic spirit, then...?" Andy remarked, keeping his eyes glued to Aria's face. He decided he might as well fuse, since he felt like showing off his own power. When he did, he reached up and touched the blade now protruding from his skull, unable to suppress a slightly prideful grin. "I myself am a Bisharp wielder." Andy informed, moving his hand back to his side.

    James contemplated the question Aria asked next carefully. He didn't want to open up too quickly and tell her his true intentions, so he decided he'd tell her everything he felt comfortable telling her, and no more. He felt that she deserved at least that much. "I'm passing through, actually. I heard voices and was wondering where they came from. That's all." James paused, tapping his chin. "And where is home, exactly?"

    Upon hearing about the fight and Aria's warning. James let forth a disgruntled sigh. He was glad that Aria hadn't cut him with the weapon she had, but he definitely didn't want to pass up the opportunity to meet other new people. "If I wouldn't win in a five on one, then why don't you come with me...? It's not like we have to reveal ourselves to them." James demanded harshly, folding his arms. Why couldn't they just go and take a look? James wasn't about to let a stranger win him over not once, but /twice/. Especially since Lisbon wasn't muttering in his ear about being in the wrong anymore.

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