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(I told you in VMs about bunnying people Sy. Also, please pay attention to the rest of the groups posts, as Kiki and Shawn were supporting Andy. I'm going to post based on that fact.)


Kiki easily lifted the unconcious Andy and put him on Rahya's back. She was very strong! It was no trouble at all. Maybe... Maybe he needed rest... Maybe... Maybe he needed a doctor though. She looked around and snatched her plushy from Alex and put it on Andy's chest, not sure why.

"Um... Dorm?" she mumbled, then she brightened up. "We have to get to Raikou dorm! Oh wait, my dorm? Um..." she mumbled, fishing in her pokcet for the paper. "I was transferred into Suicune Dorm because of my good grades!"

With that she looked around, wondering where Cynder went. The little mouse probably wandered off to sniff a flower or something. Hm...

"Birdy! Here boy!" she called, holding her arm up. Her starly landed and chirped curiously.

"Go find Cynder!" she said, tossing the bird as hard as she could. Birdyscreeched in surprise and flapped his wings, flying away. "Come on, let's get Andy inside! Come on Yuki! Let's go!" she said, walking towards the dorm.
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