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    Catches stayed close to Andy, but noticed Yuki's distress. Sensing a chance to make himself useful, he walked to her side. If she was in trouble, he'd certainly do his best to help.

    Andy was laid out on Rayha with no struggle with him sleeping quietly all the while.
    He was surrounded by flowers. Flowers as far as the eye could see. Andy had no idea where he was and looked around frantically for Catches, Snaps... Anything or anyone he recognized, but nothing. The first thing he picked out from the endless mass of flowers was a strange purple haze a few meters from him. Small at first, but growing quickly until it was so large that it surrounded Andy fully, turning his entire world violet. "Wh-what's going on!?" he said, stricken with panic and feeling, for the first time in a long, long time, afraid. No answer came... The mist simply seemed to coil around him more and more.
    Andy was softly groaning in his sleep now, but did not move a muscle apart from this, Rayha's back supporting him well as he slept.

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