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    What I didn't like were supporter droughts. I outrightly lost a game due to it and my other loss was because two Hydreigon were prized and I Juniper'ed my only copy early on without knowing where the other two were. Didn't have the chance to search my deck until after the Juniper then I realized >_____>

    So yeah both of my defeats were really beyond my control. Though I did win at least one of my games due to luck when I really should have lost - opponent flipped badly with Ho Oh.

    Honestly apart from the sometimes having no supporters and sometimes not having Ultra Ball or Deino out turn 1, the deck ran fine. Sometimes I did wish I had more Eviolite and Max Potion I admit but then space is tight so. I didn't miss Tool Scrapper at all to be honest (I used to tech the one copy). It doesn't really matter when you have Hydreigon anyway as you can still 2HKO any Eviolite EX with Night Spear + Dragon Blast.

    I ran 14 supporters which I feel should REALLY be enough (4 Juniper, 4 Bianca, 3 N and 3 Receiver) but at times I still had no supporters for a few turns and that is just killer. With Skyla out now I am going to ditch the Receivers for them and then I need to find space for Comp Search. I like the idea of 4 Ultra Ball, Comp Search and 4 Bianca though.

    Mewtwo and Shaymin both put in work for me on a final note.
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