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    Jet Stryker / Level 13 - Floor 4/Dysthaven

    Moments after his question, the katana-man and the girl left to go take part in the boss fight, from what they said. "We probably should--" Jet started, then stopped. A light had just come off him; looking around revealed that one had come from the martial artist as well. The symbol on the door was lit up as well, even after the two lights disappeared. When the symbol and the door began cracking and crumbling, Jet backed up a step, pulling his daggers out. This hadn't begun until after the katana-man and girl had left...with the symbol, it seemed like this was happening because the three of them had defeated the Golem.

    Not sure it's a good thing. Jet backed up another step, now slightly behind Daniel as the door finished crumbling. Yet, it was in his nature to explore. This was something new to him, and Jet felt an urge to stick around. Not to mention that the door was just a pile of rubble and dust now. What came out of the door was...clapping. Jet watched as the smoke and dust cleared to reveal the room inside, with a man on a stool and - was that an egg? Nothing was immediately attacking them, so Jet slowly sheathed one dagger and pulled off his sunglasses, hazel eyes darting around to look at the room. Just the man, the stool, the egg, and the deep blue room with crystals. Still, if there's one more trial--

    Then the man snapped his fingers, and the room expanded before closing behind Jet, Daniel, and the martial artist. Jet turned quickly to look at where the entrance had been, but there was no visible door. We're trapped. Teleport crystals probably won't work, either. He turned back as the man stood and began telling his story.

    Jet sheathed his second dagger, leaning back against the wall with left fingers tapping and right hand holding his sunglasses. He was just sixteen, so he felt a bit uncomfortable at a few parts. The rest, though...wyrm blood, and what it could do for a sounded exciting. Jet found himself wondering if PCs could do it, even though this was an NPC talking. Then he got to the part about what happened to his wife... Okay, scratch that idea. Then the three of them were called the Sons of Seraph, the Golem Slayers, and that they would take care of this man's daughter. Jet pushed off the wall abruptly, eyes wide. "Wait, you expect us to--"

    He stopped short as the man began changing. Thoughts whirled through his head about what they could do, if he had to do anything before they started fighting... Bringing up his message screen, Jet hurriedly tapped out a reply to Kaiser.

    To: Kaiser
    Subject: Hang on a while...
    You're gonna have to wait a while, Kaiser. I...I have something to attend to real quick. If I stay alive. You won't be able to come. See ya later.

    It was a weird time to be sending a message, but Kaiser would be better off helping with the boss on Floor 5. After sending the message, Jet pushed his sunglasses back on his face as the Demenio stood before them, drawing his daggers back out. "Prob'ly obvious," Jet started, eyes searching the Demenio for details, "but this guy is stronger than the Golem, isn't he? Ideas?"
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