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    Remake: sorry! ^^; i didnt had much time to finish the SU, i changed it now :3 and i made my SU look a little better ;3

    ShinyDiamond: can't wait to meet yours too~ :3

    Name: Natsumi Aido
    Age: 17
    Country: Netherlands


    Natsumi is a black haired girl with a headress in her hair that makes her look fantasy like, in the real world it's the place of her headphone. Her short dress fits her eye color and her hair perfectly. She usually looks kind but tends to glare at people she doesn't like. Her sword is silver with a yellow line in the middle of it, her shield has a round circle colored in with yellow, in the middle of the shield is a crown, which she wears as necklace too, steal it and she shall kill you.

    Personality: Natsumi is a sweet and tender girl that gets fierceful when someone attacks her friends or bully them, she's quite shy even though she can be really outgoing sometimes. Natsumi is a gamergirl and loves anime and manga, she likes pokemon games but her favorite game is kingdom hearts, thats why her friends call her "Nami" a nickname she's proud of.

    Natsumi sometimes can act really cold, this mostly happens when someone pissed her off, it takes some time before she found peace and returns to her usual self. Natsumi tend to act like she's not afraid of anything, while actually she's really scared to die.

    Life before SAO:

    Natsumi was a sweet little girl when she was just a kid, she played alot with her friends and often boys would came to like her. On her 9th birthday something changed her life forever, when she and her twin sister Mitsuki were playing outside, their home was being robbed by criminals. Mitsuki left to play with a friend when Natsumi decided to return home.

    She found her father strapped against a chair when 3 men took everything they could take, but one of them noticed Natsumi and catched her easely. They somehow wanted to punish the girl and nothing would be a better punishment than killing her father before her eyes, and thats what they did.

    After that day a cold side grew into Natsumi's personality and she grew a fear of the dead.

    Around this time her friends started to ditch her too, mostly because they liked Mitsuki more and Natsumi prefer stayed inside her room, where she met the awesomness of gaming, anime and manga.

    Current Level: 12
    Weapon: sword/shield combo
    Non-Combat Skills: cookery, speed
    Summary of first month in Aincrad:

    Natsumi arrived in Aincrad amazed by how it looked real, even though the pain she felt when a monster attacked her wasnt even there. She started training ever since, meeting up with her virtual friends alot and having fun. For Natsumi it was like escaping the real world, escaping all the pain for awhile, like a dream came true.

    Roleplay Sample:

    "wow…" the black haired girl, Natsumi took a glance at her clothes as she just logged in into her new game "sword art online".

    "Nami!" a boy around her age came up to her. "Daisuko! Isn't this amazing?! It's like we just entered a brand new world!" Natsumi shouted excited, making her eyes spark from the amazingness. "lets check the town!" the brown haired Daisuko joined in to her excitement and ran off, followed by Natsumi.

    "Daisuko?" Natsumi had been running around for awhile now after he ran off. "he's so fast…" Natsumi commented as she leaned her head forward to the lenght of her shoulder and let out a little sigh. "where am i anyway?" she took a look at the field around her that was filled with flowers and little bushes.

    Suddenly she got attacked from behind and you could see her Health Points decreasing. "whhuuutttt?!" Natsumi turned around to see a red eyed swine who was in the middle of attacking her. Natsumi glared at it, but ofcourse it wouldn't go away by just glaring, Natsumi took out her sword and charged at it. "now!" she started attacking it but instead of making his health points decrease, she made it even angrier and got hit by him again.

    "gaaahhhh!!!" she screamed angry and holded her sword forward it. It suddenly started to glow and when she attacked it, it seemed more powerful. The swine dissapeared. "thats what i call a win!" Natsumi cheered. At some point she heard growling beside her, three new swines had appeared and appearently they weren't happy. "hehe…" Natsumi awkwardly smiled as she holded her sword forward her again, shaking it a little.

    The three swines attacked her from three different sides, as Natsumi felt terrified of the situation, she attacked as if she was on auto-pilot, fast and experienced. Natsumi carefully opened her eyes and found out the swines had dissapeared.

    She suddenly heard someone clapping, it was Daisuko with a huge smile on his face. "that was amazing, Nami!" he said. "hehe… thanks." Natsumi rubbed the back of her head and smiled back.

    Appearently she had enjoyed the battle with swines so much that she kept coming everyday to train.



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