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    This is just a collection of my essays that I write (*: Either for school, or just for fun. I don't expect too much feedback on them(I'm already perfect ;]) but here goes nothing!

    1. Motivation, this post.


    People often believe that the will of the individual is weak—incapable of promoting change among the masses. Those people are wrong. It is by the whim of individuals that this world has travailed its greatest triumphs and suffered its greatest sorrows. Power—the drive to accomplish all that it is that they want—has been warranted to them, and, withholding all personal details, stems from one of five very predictable origins.

    1.) BENEFIT

    Perhaps the greatest, and the most common motivator to mankind is personal gain. What better reason is there to complete a task if stand to gain from it? It could be working overtime for a little extra cash, studying over the weekend to ace that Physics test, or even something as simple as reassuring our inflated ego that we are indeed a good individual and doing the right thing.

    People motivated by what benefit they will receive tend to be the least devoted to their cause. They are mercenaries by trade—when the money stops coming, so too do they. Do not be fooled by their overzealous attempt to procure what it is they desire; they will stop at nothing to acquire what they want—even if it means giving you the short end of the stick. Their eyes have been on the prize the entire time; they want only what was promised to them for the completion of the task.

    As fickle as fickle can be those motivated by personal gain will most assuredly try to back out of their agreement to others at the slightest indication that they will not get exactly what is they desired. Due to the selfish nature of one who is motivated purely or mostly by personal gain they tend to instill fear in others and gain infamy throughout the times as tyrants and tireless oppressors of the people—all so they could have a few more knickknacks to pile away in their attic.

    Although it is easy to see the sin of one motivated by personal benefit cannot entirely be chalked up all acts that are made in such regard as evil, for the very good reason: often times that person can acquire what they want without stepping all over other people; it is when this desire—this motivation to acquire—becomes too much and overwhelms the poor fellow who found peace in possessions.

    Being such a basic type of motivation this is most assuredly the most common type. Everybody walks through life carrying this on their backs often multiple times throughout the course of even one day.

    2.) FEAR

    It is no wonder that something so nauseatingly crippling as fear has the power to motivate people. The motivation supplied by fear, however, is a kind unlike any other. It is motivation blackened by contempt and left unattended to run rampant.

    Fear is a motivation created when the roof comes sliding down. Together it is feasible that such a notion could—with a considerable amount of effort—be deflected; that if everyone was to hold the roof up then they could supply enough force to counteract the descent of the ceiling. In this regard our party in question avoids our death, but to what end? Suspended in permanent physical exhaustion, would not our death be even better than such an everlasting torment?

    Regardless, that is not a decision that we get to make. As one lucky individual spots a way out! To his left there is a small crevice in the wall. He could make it—no doubt—but only by abandoning the plight of his fellow victims. Hey, better you than me... right?

    Here is where the shortcomings of such a motivation present themselves. Again, like benefit this is one motivation wherein it is every man for himself in a scramble to come out on top; it is a motivation that instead of leading people together forces them apart. Fear will make reasonable men unreasonable and turn black even the most purest of hearts. It is a plague that spreads ever so rapidly from one man to another; it causes us to, even under the same perils, turn against one another on the pretense that there is only a limited number of spots in safety and comfort, that we NEED to cut down our fellow man to achieve.

    Fear is the un-doer of just men and sane minds. It consumes everything until there is nothing but left a deep, foreboding hate. A hate that could only be soothed with enough love to shelter the shaken individual.


    This type of motivation is much like fear... only... tinged with an everlasting wistfulne Tss. Necessity's only hope of even achieving its goal is by exhausting all other possibilities until only one ultimatum remains: do or die.

    Unlike Fear, those motivated by Necessity aren't just seeking to make their lives easier—to avoid struggle for an untimely reprieve that goes just as soon as it comes—they truly NEED to do whatever it is that they are about to do. Unlike Fear, the people who fall into this category actually bear the penance for their actions; they don't want to do these things, but they have too.

    The most common aspects of necessity are ensuring that we have our basic needs met: food, water, shelter.... People who are in a position of such need are often careful to never take more than they need, and, in efforts to make sure there is enough to go around, often take less than they need to increase the chances of others also acquiring that what it is they need.

    Being the most pure form of motivation and the one reason we could truly justify any action, necessity is not a motivation that is easily feigned to obscure harsher intent such as benefit. True necessity is easy to diagnose; symptoms paint the faces of the down, but not out. Under the most extreme motivational pressure many, many individuals crack and fall into disarray.

    The world has shown them nothing but hate and so the wound festers; love received is not common enough to be the salve and so they perish along with their good will giving birth to a whole new kind of person; one who—faced with so much hate and given so little love—hates all and loves few, seeking only to restore their fall from grace by devouring up everything for themselves.

    Yet necessity is a careful thing and often reflects more on society than it does on the individual. It makes us question what kind of would we live in if one has to resort to petty crime just to survive; it makes us wonder if we can really blame at all even.

    4.) LOVE

    Where people would gladly give up they find reason to go on. Where they would go forth without hesitation they yield all. Where they would reach their dreams they turn around. And all for one thing: love.

    It makes us do unspeakable things—through love, we become people we never thought we had the strength to become. Love empowers us and emboldens us; it drives us to do things we not only can't do, but don't want to do. “Cant's” become “Cans”; “Wont's” become “Wills”; “Maybes” become “Definiteli-es”. Love... completes us

    Whether it is an idea we stand for, a person(or people) that we care about, or a community that we support, our love for these various entities will bring us to the edge of the world and back. It goes above all else to ensure the safety, growth, and otherwise general well-being of the effigy of our concern. We will lie, cheat, steal—do anything to see them prosper. This person has us infatuated so badly that we indeed are willing to give away a part of ourselves up to them; it is infatuation so bad that we will go against our natural desires to please them, detriment unconcerned. It matters not who is lost, so long as we have our love.

    Thus, so does the motivation of love grow weak as they all do. As all twisted madmen do, one has secured a room packed with thousands upon hundreds of innocent people(each with their own loved ones, mind you)in highly explosive c4 and another with but only victim. In his bid to uncanny wickedness he hands the device to a young man, a man who happens to be the fiance of the young women who is secured in her solitude and strapped; stuck with stockpiled explosives. He gives simple instructions, “There are two buttons. One button will send the thousands upon hundreds to their death, yet deactivate the explosives to this Romeo's dear Juliet; the other...? Well, the other would send his love to the heavens above in more sense than one yet effectively save everyone else. The problem being of course that little Romeo can't even THINK about doing that to his precious Juliet. So thus, his ever strengthening love becomes the untimely weakness of his character; will he do what is right, or will he fall to the weakness of his mortal heart?

    For all it's strength and power love has the greatest weakness of all. It can narrow one's vision so small—smaller even than one motivated by personal gain—that they cause more good than bad. They are doing everything with what could be argued as noble intentions, however, as they say: the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    5.) HATE

    “Your eyes are full of hate... That's good. Hate keeps a man alive. It gives him strength.”
    - Quintus Arrius in Ben-Hur

    Hate is the bastard child of Fear and Necessity. It is an all-consuming, all-destroying power derived out of desperation, the need to secure to Benefit for those that we Love. As temperamental as fire is hate burns indiscriminately, threatening to scald anyone foolish enough to step in it's path.

    In the wrong hands—the weak willed—hate is nothing but a danger to those around us, and one that accomplishes very truly little. It is out of malcontent that people resort to such heinous displays of what this motivation can do if left to grow rank and unmaintained.

    Hate, in this instance, is overpowering; it brings many a man to his knees in agony as he attempts to ineptly deal with his grief. In most cases, in attempts to deal with his hate he becomes the very embodiment of all it is that he placed his own rage to; the hate not only pervades his thoughts, but it becomes him. Only with enough humility and after having felt enough sorrow can we begin to get a grip on this once-thought uncontrollable force.

    Controlling our hate is not so much a difficult thing to do as it is strenuous and taxing. Constantly we have to remind ourselves of what are goals are, and we must keep the end in mind; it is quite easy to get lost and stray from our intended destination if we forget where we are headed. It takes diligence and uncanny self-discipline to overcome the overwhelming forces that hate supplies—and once it is done... you have unlocked the door to ultimate transgression against nature, controlling the force that is made to control.

    With the power of hate—controlled and justified rage—we can accomplish all that it is that you set out to accomplish in the first place. Yet, that is only if we can first learn to tame the beast that will otherwise “tame” us if we fail to do so.


    Benefit is from a lack of Love and too much unrestrained Hate as a result of being deprived of Necessity. It is out of fear that one is compelled to act so. Yet not the kind of Fear that is derived from the Hate of one acting out of Benefit. But rather, the kind of fear that drives people to neglected Necessity and forces the metamorphosis of a reasonable individual to one whose sole purpose is Benefit thus refreshing the lethality of this self-perpetuating cycle.

    Fear is what we call Hate when there is no way to disassociate ourself from this particular object of loathing. Thus, if we learns to properly wield our Hate we can conquer our Fear, put an end to Necessity, and forge a world of Benefit for those that we Love. If we misplace this rage then they will destroy the very foundation of our lives—the ones we Love will leave out of Fear of what we've become creating only more Necessity and leaving more Hate for us which in turn causes us to seek nothing but Benefit, and thus we contribute to the most destructive cycle in all of existence.

    Necessity is fathered by Hate and mothered by Fear. It is out of the vindictiveness of one seeking Benefit that we are depraved enough to do what no person should ever have to do. It is in these situations that Love, or—if fate frowns on our fortune—a lack of tends to inspire hope in individuals to rise above the mess of the regular world to a higher, nobler calling, or instill the notion that it is okay to let our Hate run rampant in our effort to secure Benefit. When in reality we are just clinging to our Fear as it tends to be the one sure thing in such troublesome times when those who we care for no longer give us their Love and the only thing you can turn to is the Hate that we feel for it all.

    Love finds its strength in it's devotion to others, in it's desire to bring Benefit to people. Fear corrupts this love and leaves in its wake the faint traces of Hate. But this is not a hate so easily understood or justly obtained, and for this reason that person crumbles to a state of Necessity where they seek only Benefit. And as misery loves company, we can't help but spread our Necessity causing Fear to to those that we Love, which in the end creates nothing but more Hate and more Necessity.

    Hate is the back bone of it all. It is the fuel of life that burns with the greatest passion and holds the greatest strength. Play with fire, you're going to get burned—that is, unless you know how to handle it. Hate is derived from an inordinate Fear which is in turn a byproduct of Necessity creating an unwieldy desire for Benefit. Yet if we can, as very few can, use our hate with a bit more tact—a bit more finesse—then it is a powerful device that will incinerate all obstacles to our goal. Yet in this instant our little campfire has become a blazing inferno, savage beyond our control; Love is the only thing that could soothe such an earnest Necessity for its very self of which we Fear not having Benefit for those we Love.


    Whatever it is exactly that drives a man may never amount to any sure thing. It could forever remained shrouded in mystery until we begin to pick it all apart. If we look for the meaning behind their actions—if we decipher the reason then it all becomes a bit more clear; we can actually start to picture just what it is that compels a man(or woman) to go such great lengths. It could be out of their own personal benefit; fear of a tyrant or other horrible oppressor; the necessity to survive; perhaps it is the love we have for another; and in the most special of cases it is the hate for such ill things in the world that drives a man to do all that encompasses him.

    Motivation stems from many different sources, each alike and connected in a web of intricacy and confusion. In the end motivation begets motivation and the cycle that drives the world 'round never comes to a halt.
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