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    Murmurs, that was the noise Glacia could pick out most from her surroundings. The faint hushed whispers of her ever growing audience. It was probably the most lively this forest had been in a long time. She sat coiled, her body enjoying the warmth from this country’s share of the radiant sun. It wasn’t like back home, where the weather was frigid ninety percent of the year. This country had even been named as ‘the land of the rising sun’, and it certainly lived up to its reputation as the sun continued its crescendo like rise.

    Glacia opened her eyes to take in the crowd that had formed. A better turn out than she could have hoped for. Many must have been curious to speak with someone from RDM. Even if they didn’t agree with what they were doing, RDM was a polarizing figure in the human and pokemon worlds. Maybe, just maybe, there were a few worthwhile recruits among the masses. Some who had become so jaded by the oppression of man, that they would consider joining RDM themselves. That was why she was here, to bring more into the fold. An army was only an army if it had soldiers and RDM had to keep growing.

    She remained coiled, her look more intimidating than when she was uncoiled and her slight frame evident. “I assume you all know my reason for being here?” Glacia spoke up at last, her tone icy and steadfast. “And if you don’t, then you are naive and obtuse and I don’t want you anyway,” she continued matter-of-factly. A few of the gathered crowd shuffled away at her blatant insult. This was her way to separate the wheat from the chaff. If she had to put a number to it, about a quarter of the previously gathered crowd had dispersed.

    “Now, those of you who stayed.” Glacia cocked her head and looked at those who remained. Her eyes quickly sized up the remaining potential recruits. A lot of the pokemon who came to these meetings were typically of the younger variety. The younger generations always proved more rebellious than the one prior. They were always itching for a fight, trying to prove themselves or looking for a cause. Or, they had seen the corruption firsthand and wanted to do something about it. “I am here to gather members for the rebels for the destruction of mankind. I’m sure you’ve heard of us.”

    The remaining pokemon nodded their heads in agreement. It seemed like the worthwhile ones had remained after all. “Our objective, as you’re aware, is to free pokemon from the tyrannical oppression of mankind. In short, liberation is our goal. I’ve spent roughly twenty seconds inside of a pokeball myself.” Glacia looked into the eyes of a young Croconaw that waited anxiously with bated breath on every one of her words. “Those twenty seconds were enough to know, that what the humans have created is a beautiful prison. Probably not one of you here hasn’t had somebody taken from their lives; just because a human wanted to push them into servitude.” A murmur of agreement spread through the crowd like a wildfire.

    “I know I have,” an Ursaring spoke up, probably one of the older pokemon still in the crowd. “Came at us in broad daylight, an expert trainer. Paralyzed my mate and I, took her and left me to continue on alone as if nothing had happened.” The Ursaring looked down at his claws with pitiable sadness. It was evident how heavily that day weighed on his mind.

    “My point exactly,” Glacia answered calmly, her tone still seemingly indifferent. “Now, who wants to make a difference? Who wants to liberate those who have been stolen from them? If you do, please step forward.” She eyed the audience as a few stepped forward without hesitation, a couple of others thought about it but decided against it and turned back into the woods. Still others remained undecided, their faces locked in thought and bodies unmoving. One in particular caught her attention. A Gabite with his eyes cast to the ground, if she could peer into his mind, she guessed it would be racing a mile a minute.

    Slowly she uncoiled herself, the ones who had stepped forward to join looked at her in stunned amazement. Even if she was larger than most of them in attendance, she was probably the smallest Dragonair they had ever seen. She made her way over to the Gabite, he didn’t even cast the faintest gaze in her direction.

    “Have you ever been inside of a pokeball?” Glacia asked him flatly. The Gabite shook his head in a motion that indicated no. “Well, let me tell you...” she began to wrap her body around his. “It’s a bit like this.” She began to squeeze tighter and tighter, the Gabite’s breath becoming more shallow and labored on each constriction. Yet, he didn’t fight her. “You’re unable to move, you fight just for the chance to be free again. Time seems to slow down when you are ‘beamed’ inside its gilded insane asylum. Are you telling me you don’t desire to free our brethren from such a cruel fate?”

    Again, the Gabite only nodded. “Then why don’t you step forward? Why don’t you join us?” She rested her head on his shoulder, her voice taking on more inflection than it had the whole speech.

    “W-why don’t we try reasoning with the humans first?” He finally spoke up, his voice sounded aged beyond his years. “Maybe, maybe they would come to see the hurt they have caused us?”

    Glacia scoffed at the very notion, a disappointed sound escaped from her mouth. “The humans do not know reason. They segregate themselves based on such things as appearance or wealth. They are but petty, juvenile creatures. One could say that when a Pichu evolves into a Pikachu, he has done more evolution than humanity has in thousands of years.” She let go of her tightened grip on the Gabite. “The rest of you,” she spoke to the ones who stepped forward. “Please go due east until you run into a most obnoxious Honchkrow. He will assist you in getting fully acquainted with RDM.”

    She turned back to the Gabite. “You, you’re coming with me.” She slithered away from him towards the tree line.

    “But, but I didn’t say I was joining!” He ran after her, his voice tensed and cracking.

    “Doesn’t change the fact that you are joining, now does it?” She answered back.

    “H-how do you know I’m joining?” His voice became defensive and inquisitive.

    “Because I can tell you’ve lost someone. You want revenge, you just don’t know it yet.”
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