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    Originally Posted by rocky505 View Post
    Dark type gym
    Fire starter who isn't part fighting
    Evos/pre evos of past pokemon(not as many as 4th gen had)
    Legendary mascots who aren't part dragon
    An actual Jungle area
    Safari zone
    Game corner(where you can buy coins for pokemon/TMs/items)
    Ya I love Dragon Legendaries,but it is kinda getting old now. I would love to see a pure Dark and Steel Legendary. Maybe Ice. Also,I had never thought of a Jungle area. I know Hoenn was suppose to be tropical.but they didn't have a jungle. I really do miss the Safari zone. I didn't really care for making my own Safari Zone in HGSS much. And I would love to see a game corner again. And again I agree with the Evos and pre evos. There was way way too many in 4th. We need one for Tauros and Miltank pre evo. And maybe a Mrs. Mime. I don't know about you,but kinda odd seeing a Female Mr.Mime...