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    Originally Posted by Mario The World Champion View Post
    Let's say the states actually do (secede?) break away from the rest of the country and begin inciting violence. Will the Military have to intervene and kill their own people, like what is going on in Syria? If that does come to that, I bet you the rest of the world, who already don't think very well of us, will see that we are just a bunch of hypocrites.

    If you're a solider who was deployed to a state that rebelled and you are ordered shoot to kill. Would you shoot and kill your countrymen or disobey orders and face a court martial?
    They began the violence. They are thoroughly the ones to blame. People will not support the violent rebels of what is purported to be the best country ever. They will see them the same as American leaders do: crude and violent... people who hit the ground running without anywhere to actually go... Supporting such an infantile nation would be disastrous to foreign nations. As it would be... there is no such guarantee that the rebels would even have a chance at actually accomplishing victory. Anyone who assisted them would directly be challenging the United States, and not many are brave enough to do that. When the U.S. claimed victory, it would mark such foreign entities up as enemies and traitors... They would close of American markets to them and halt the friendly interacting between the countries. A break that would certainly affect the other country more than the U.S. So it wouldn't be logical at this point to assist such rebels.

    Now... if they legitimately passed secession acts for a peaceful withdrawal from the Union and THEN the U.S. sent in it's military your claim would stand much stronger. Then nations might jump in on the claim that America has grown vile and rank. The support they lend would be that of spirit, primarily. They still would not, at this point, want to anger the lion that the U.S. is. The same thing would happen as above if the U.S. were to claim victory over it's rebels. They might send in some supplies here and there, but even that would pushing the limits a little.

    If the rebels had a legitimate claim and had developed enough into an actual functioning body... then they might appeal to foreign aid. It is only when foreign nations would acquire something tangible that they would help. They wouldn't help simply to liberate people... No... that's Americas job. ;]] They would help only to have their hand in the forge of a new nation.
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