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Originally Posted by glitchguy View Post
I really did feel like a tourist in Unova.Its exiting the first time you see it but the glamour wears of.Unlike the previous games after you beat N and Ghetsis I really didn't know what to do, although there are places to be explored it didn't feel exiting to me.Whereas in Ruby and Platinum i played more than 200 hours after beating E4 and it didn't feel boring at all.I think B/W is just missing that post-game spark that the other games have.
When you think about it, it's kinda odd that most of us kept playing R/S/E post-E4, due to there being so very little to do then.
You'd catch Latias/Latios, then you'd catch Rayquaza or Kyogre/Groudon depending on if you had R/S or Emerald, and then you'd probably go and catch the Regi trio if you hadn't done it already.

But then you only had Battle Tower in R/S (Battle Frontier was much better.)
And there weren't that many areas you could use to train your Pokémon.
It's a good thing you could get exp from trainers in the Secret Bases, though.

I guess it was still better than in Gen I, where all you could do once you caught Mewtwo was rebattle the E4 over and over.
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