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Originally Posted by rocky505 View Post
Doesn't Gamefreak skip a year before moving to a new handheld? They skipped 2001 before RS came out, they skipped 05 before DP came, I'm thinking they will skip 2013 and then release 6th gen in 2014. But since the DS is about to have the final nail hammered in it seems unlikely.
No release pattern.

Gen 1 ended in 1998 in Japan and Gen 2 started in 1999 So no year skipped
Gen 2 ended in 2000 in Japan and Gen 3 started in 2002 So it skipped 2001
Gen 3 ended in 2004 in Japan and Gen 4 started in 2006 So it skipped 2005
Gen 4 ended in 2009 in Japan and Gen 5 started in 2010 So no year skipped

If Gen 5 ends in 2012 we can get Gen 6 in 2013 or 2014 or 2016. Since we don't have a pattern to go off of it can be anything. If we get remakes, then we get another year for Gen 5. Though 2 Remakes on one console does seem a little improbable.