Thread: Gold hack: Pokemon Bronze [COMPLETED]
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Originally Posted by SK3 View Post
Congrats on finishing man! Only 6 months, that's awesome timing for a hack.
Actually I was working on it for at least 7 months before I posted the topic here. I wanted to make sure I would actually stick through most of the thing before I committed to it fully and I wouldn't just abandon it and let everybody down.

Originally Posted by Gameb0y View Post
This is going to be one of those legendary hacks that will be talked about for years to come.
Well I don't know about that but I fired up reguler Gold for after playing and testing my game for ages and It was quite neat to see that I've created something that was almost completely new out of this game. Something probably people can enjoy just like they did Gold back in the day. Which is what I was going for when I first started.

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