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I don't judge games based on feeling. I judge them by what I can do, the game mechanics. (and the Overall Design.)

Each new Pokemon games adds new features that make me think. "This is it, I can't return to the old games." Diamond had the Psychical/Special Split. Platinum had the battle facilities. Heart Gold had the Walking Pokemon. Black battles moved faster had moving Pokemon sprites (and was better designed). Black 2 has breeding mechanics that make it easier to get strong Pokemon.

Black 2 Post-Games is good. PWT was at times challenging, even with my rooster of over 30 EV/IV bred Pokemon. But the best part of PWT is having a place for challenging ROTATION BATTLES when ever I want! Rotation battles are the best new battle style.

I am Native Unova. Each region I go to, I draw an avatar to represent ME. In Unova, I am a Pokemon ranger that lives in the wilderness helping youg trainers start their journey. Scolipede is my Partner, Zebustrika is my occasional steed.
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