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Charky, here is your team:
  1. Quagsire
  2. Ambipom
  3. Staraptor
  4. Gliscor
  5. Clefable
I don't know if you wanted any NFEs or not, so here's your team.

And imevil, your pokemon are...
  1. Hitmontop
  2. Celebi
  3. Crawdaunt
  4. Mr. Mime
  5. Golduck
  6. Blissey
This good for you? Since you can hack, I presume you're okay with a mostly non-hoenn team?!

As for me...

Name: GolurkIsDaBomb
Game: Firered
Number of Pokemon: 5
Restrictions: Must be able to be obtained in Firered.
*One or two NFEs are okay
*Please decide a moveset for one of my pokemon!