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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
I caught three Shiny Pokemon while playing my brother's Diamond.

A Budew, Graveler and Unown (U Form).

They still rest in his PC to this day. And not to mention this was one of two occasions I caught a Shiny Graveler.

How long did this take you? A 1/8192 chance seems much more like a 1/50 chance to EVERYONE but me. I've played every game TWICE except for Black/Black 2 (white/white 2) and I have still not gotten a legitmate shiny pokemon.

Maybe I should use the radar more often and chain.. but that just makes it seem like im bending the odds to get one.

I have a shiny story of my own.. but it wasn't mine. When I was 7, I was playing Emerald with my Brother, and he found a shiny Spinda. He fainted it because he didn't like Spinda (which is reasonable, but COME ON)

To this day, I dread the fact that even MY OWN FAMILY can get shinies before me
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