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    Its been rumored for over a month, and I just started checking around to see if there was any new news on it. Bethesda has confirmed Dragonborn to be the next DLC for the PC and Xbox to be released on December 4th. SHOULD get it for the PS3 a month later, but ya know how well Skyrim has been with DLC on the PS3.

    So. In this DLC you are going to Solstheim, the DLC island from Morrowind to fight off the very first Dragonborn ever made. This goes deeper into the Dragon's history as well as the history of the mysterious Dragon Priest.

    Along with the new locations we are getting many more "new" things. New creatures to fight (he video showed some midget creatures and some weird looking mutated creatures. New weapons and Armor were also in the discovery rumors, New sets such as Nordic Armor and Weaponry (similar to that of the Draguar), Chitin Armor (more from the Falmer style or even something new to go along with the Heavy Armor Helmet that was released in Dawnguard), and I heard the rumor about a new weapon class, Spears which are supposed to be Two Handed (well duh) but I am unsure if we'll get an update to the Two Handed Skill tree to add them or if we get a new skill tree to increase like with the Werewolf/Vampire trees of Dawnguard.

    Along with this Dragon Mounts have been confirmed. I thought it would be like riding Odavhiing to where Alduin was, but it wasn't Odavhiing in the trailer.

    I'm super excited and searching for more info cause I wanna see everything that the game has to offer~

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