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Originally Posted by FreakyLocz14 View Post
There would indeed be a secession moevement if Romney won would because this about fighting federal tyranny, not a particular political party.

The global elite bankers may have suceeded in re-selecting their President, but they haven't silenced We the People!
They haven't silenced them, but they have pulled their teeth.

It's all talk, empty threats, from The People. Basically, just like the OWS movement, its a bunch of people *****ing, complaining, and moaning, in the hopes that the 'rulers' decide to toss them some scraps to get them to shut up.

They want real change? Rebellions. Uprisings. War. If they want change, they will have to do the same things that led to the creation of this nation in the first place. The system is broke, corrupt, and really, a complete farce. They can't change it with words, they need to change it, no, force it to change with action. Something that none of the cowardly 'People' have the guts to do.
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