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Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
Uh I don't get the global elite bankers... Are you saying Obama won because of other countries? If so (excluding China, those fixed dollar rate cheapskates) why is that a bad thing? I hate the idea of countries to be honest, and I don't think it (the world) should be separated anymore. Considering countries are a concept that arose thousands of years ago, when it was only possible to rule a certain amount of area it was fine, but right now in this era we have the communication, transportation, and mentality to be a united world.

Also I don't get why you hate Obama, you barely state facts (with reputable sources) yet you make him look like some kind of fiend. The whole one track mindset helps nobody in this country because both parties have it wrong, your precious Romney wants to run this country like a business (dumbest idea ever by the way) and your hated Obama wants to do good but doesn't have time to (and with both parties pretty much canceling each other out every other election, what is the point.)

Back to what I was saying before though. The fact these states wants to separate annoys me, (if) they succeeded, then that means more countries in this freakin world which will hinder any progress to unite it in the future. Not only this but it isn't symbolic to do this, it is a waste of time. What is the message they are sending, "Hey we are angry because our party didn't win!" (Democrats don't say anything, you tried the same thing in 2004). That is what this is about, not some nonsense about a tyranicle government (seriously, look in a history book and find a government that is better than ours, no hypotheticle ones like Marx's Communisim). I don't even get the tyranicle government thing, our country is bad because of terribly corrupt buisnesses and people who flood into our country with better education because their country sucks (btw this wouldn't happen if the world operated like a single country)
Obama is a bag boy for Wall Street and the Rothschild global elite banking cartel that is destroying our Republic! They promote Agenda 21 globalism, which threatens America's sovereignty!

Logical fallacy protip: Don't ever assume facts. I never said that Romney was precious to me, or even that I supported him.

America is rapidly devolving into a tyrannical third-world country due to the constant expansion of government at the expense of individual liberty!
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