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    I wanted to make sure I got this in before I forgot or time ran out. I'll be sure to try and expand on these as time goes on.
    Thread Awards:

    Best Rookie Roleplay: Sword Art Online: Infinity Edition
    This RP is well thought out, constructed, managed and populated with amazingly diverse and well written characters. I applaud everyone currently taking part, I look forward to every new post.

    Best Veteran Roleplay: Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning.
    Under the fabulous leadership of Supervegeta, this RP has thrived and continued to be compelling for over a year. That’s longer than I’ve been a member here. I do remember visiting these forums as a ghost (AKA “Visitor”) and seeing this RP and reading it when I could. (Yes, I’m such a big nerd I read the RPs here without even being a member yet...anyway...moving on.)

    Most Original Roleplay: Pokemon Fallout
    I love the mixture of post apocolyptic world and gritty Pokemon action mixed into one. Even not being a member of Fallout, I make a concerted effort to try and keep relevant with its status. Any RP which has a character eat another one is pretty original and alright in my book.

    Member Awards:

    Best Rookie Roleplayer:

    Most Improved Roleplayer:

    Best Game Master: Supervegeta
    What can I say about Supervegeta as a GM. He always goes out on a limb for those in his RP. He keeps things fun and I always feel up to date with what’s going on, yet isn’t afraid to crack down when things need to be fixed. The story always moves at a consistent pace and the effort he puts into it is noticeable in the end result. I seriously debated between Vato and Supervegeta here and in my opinion, they both deserve it.

    Best Sign-Up Writer: Fuyu
    I can always say that I look forward to reading Fuyu’s SUs once she is done with them. The epitome of fascinating and often times, damaged characters. Fuyu is adventurous and isn’t afraid to take things in an odd direction. While others may worry about if their characters are liked or not, Fuyu says: “To heck with it” and creates some of the most fascinating SUs I’ve had the pleasure of reading.

    Most Helpful Player: Vato
    I have to go with Vato here. Vato has been a tremendous source of help to me and I know many others. If ever I find myself in need of a proofreader, or someone just to tell me if something sucks or not, he’d be sure to let me know. Always a pleasure to have around and assist. Not only that, but he is a tremendous GM who is always aiding those in his RPs. The effort he expends in helping others is second to none. Thank you so much Vato.

    Best Roleplayer: Garet
    This was one of my hardest choices I’ve made on this whole list. There are many who belong in this slot, but I had to pick one based on what I’ve seen and who I’ve had dealings with. I believe I’m currently in three RPs with Mr. Garet now. This wasn’t planned on my end, but it just ended up being that way. Garet has a tendency to bring a down to earth quality to characters, when many others are going larger than life. It is this amazing ability for him to stay grounded and humanize his character (two of them aren’t even human) that I think contributes to his ability as a RPer.