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Originally Posted by FreakyLocz14 View Post
Obama is a bag boy for Wall Street and the Rothschild global elite banking cartel that is destroying our Republic! They promote Agenda 21 globalism, which threatens America's sovereignty!

Logical fallacy protip: Don't ever assume facts. I never said that Romney was precious to me, or even that I supported him.

America is rapidly devolving into a tyrannical third-world country due to the constant expansion of government at the expense of individual liberty!
I highly doubt that we are going to turn into a clone of Africa. Anyway, name what 3rd world country we are turning into.

A global government, although not needed at this point in time, will one day be vital to our continued survival and expansion. Eventually, we will all have to unite or die. And surprise surprise, it might not be the US leading everything in the future. Another country could just as easy take our place.
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