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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Its gunna be some guy to tie in the next set of games maybe. If not that, then another nameless wonder who will appear just for the tournament and then never to be heard from again.

Ritchie lost to a nameless player that became Champ (I think)
Ash lost to the guy with Blaziken who then lost to an unknown add in
Tyson won Hoenn's though I don't remember him being introduced before the Tournament.
and in Sinnoh, the uber hacker Tobias won with Darkrai.

Most of the winners were only intro'd for the tournament so to keep the anime going, they'll probably do the same thing. Let Ash get close and then rip the victory away from him.
I agree with Xander, I think the next champion will probably be some last-minute insert like we had in the previous league conferences. It's a trend that's been happening a lot.

They would probably have some character defeat Ash only to lose to the eventual winner of the conference.
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