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Originally Posted by Iceman3317 View Post
I do not think Ash will win. I think Trip is gonna be like Gary and beat him or not even get to a rival and end up beating him in the next generation. Sense I don't even know who the guy with the Eevee is,he will probably win. Team Plasma is still possible threat. They could stop the fighting and make Ash stay there a little longer or something. They said it would last for three years. I think this year is only the 2nd year,therefore there is still another year of 5th gen.
Ash already beat Trip in the first Round.


Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Its gunna be some guy to tie in the next set of games maybe. If not that, then another nameless wonder who will appear just for the tournament and then never to be heard from again.

Ritchie lost to a nameless player that became Champ (I think)
Ash lost to the guy with Blaziken who then lost to an unknown add in
Tyson won Hoenn's though I don't remember him being introduced before the Tournament.
and in Sinnoh, the uber hacker Tobias won with Darkrai.

Most of the winners were only intro'd for the tournament so to keep the anime going, they'll probably do the same thing. Let Ash get close and then rip the victory away from him.
More than likely it will be a COTD or someone of that nature. I've got a feeling it may be Kotesu this time around.

I also wouldn't be surprised if maybe they do have someone with a tie in like Harrison with Blaziken. So that gives Ash a reason to travel to a new region. Tyson was introduced at Registration and his Meowth prevented the flame from being stolen. It was Morrison introduced pre - tournament.

Hopefully Ash wins, but the way the presented him thus far I don't find that likely. They showed his previous pokemon in the intro, but I don't get the feeling they will be used. If anything they will be used in whatever the filler arc post league is going to be.

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