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Originally Posted by Toshiro. View Post
Did a lot since my last update, I've defeated 3 more gyms, and am now training in Iron Island with Riley. The team consists of:

Level 36

Level 36

Level 34

Level 34

Level 34

One more spot open, not sure who will fit in it yet!
How did you get those sprites in your post? I know it's a little unrelated, I was just curious.

On topic though, I recently started a new game on my Platinum version, and my team are as follows:

Level 9 Chimchar - Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt
Level 7 Starly - Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack
Level 7 Geodude - Tackle, Defense Curl

Plan on hitting up the Oreburgh gym. Hopefully pull through there. Yikes.


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