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    Most Original Roleplay: Supervegeta
    Do I even need to give a reason for this? Supervegeta is something all players should aspire to join — aspire to participate in. Even a roleplay clearly about playing God pales in comparison to Supervegeta's magnificence. Quite literally the perfect RP, Supervegeta deserves to be much less benevolent than it is, fitting every single genre into the story at once without hitting some kind of Fifty Shades of Crap snag. This RP does nothing wrong whatsoever. Its rules are more absolute than the laws of physics. Its GM is effectively God given corporeal form. Why anyone wouldn't join the roleplaying embodiment of flawlessness is truly something well beyond my limited wisdom, and I am humbled to have ever had even the chance to be a part of it.

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    Best Game Master: PkMnTrainer Yellow
    I think this should be very clear — she is probably the most tolerant and helpful of all GMs on this forum. I don't think there's a complaint she can't handle, and I doubt there's a player she can't help. Even Supervegeta, in all his awesomeness, could look up to her as a GM.

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    Best Roleplayer: PkMnTrainer Yellow
    Not only the most tolerant player and GM I've ever seen, but certainly one of the most epic of writers to grace PC. Some of her posts I like to read a few times, which is frankly very rare for me. I haven't seen her make something up that I didn't enjoy reading. Plus, if you don't vote for her, Lucy's gonna come and eat you.

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