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    Ezekiu, I have several issues with your SU.

    First of all, your personality section is more like an extended history section and doesn't say much about what your character's personality is actually like. Also, I'm guessing that "Misfits" is a band, otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it, and since the pokemon world is an entirely separate world from our world, "Misfits" wouldn't exist.

    The last issue I have is with your opening post. I don't think you realized that this is the post that starts off your part in the roleplay, and we're currently set a couple of weeks or so after the infection had hit, so the panic would have pretty much died down. At this point, you wouldn't see masses fleeing the cities.

    (I'm INCREDIBLY tired right now, so if this doesn't make sense, I'll rephrase it after school tomorrow)
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