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Kilik Chambers - Academy Office/Academy Grounds

Mistress saw that Snype was pretty surprised to see her in a new way. Last time she saw him, Mistress was only a little Zorua. Now she's a Zoroark but still herself in all the ways. "Nothing ever changes for me," she commented. "I'm still me, still fooling people around here. How has your prankings been going actually?" It's been a while since she's transformed into Snype. Maybe another time though.

As everyone was talking, some announcement was heard, something about a new groomer, & then came that groomer himself. He waved to the group & left for his class. He should pay him a visit sometime. My back is feeling a little uneasy.

As Kilik, Mark, Valorie & her mother stepped outside, through the exits, Valorie got Kilik's attention. "So... yours can do that too, huh?" she asked. She was talking about Mistress, wasn't she. She causes so much trouble for everyone. Why was Valorie concerned though? Kilik looked carefully at Valorie, & already got it. She got jealous of Mistress when she smothered Mark as Cynthia. Yes, Valorie likes Mark. Of course, Kilik wouldn't say, right? Maybe to blackmail, not!

"She gets carried away with it." Already, Kilik could see Mistress snickering to herself, obviously planning to morph into Mark or Valorie to smother Valorie or something. She was prepared to- "Don't even think about it!" Kilik told Mistress sternly. She only smirked but stayed in that regular form. Kilik sighed & kept walking with everyone. He kept the conversation going with Valorie. Why be quiet on "She is a handful, always causing trouble. I don't know how many people have fallen for her tricks, including Mark." If you hadn't noticed, Mistress was listening in on Kilik's conversation this whole time. Next time, keep her inside her Pokeball.

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