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Mothball had been waiting what felt like ages and was starting to get restless. It was probably all the excitement he still felt at the thought that maybe he would get a Pokemon! And whatever he got, it would be awesome. Because it would be a Pokemon and it would be his friend. It would be a Pokemon friend.

And then someone actually arrived. He watched curiously as a short girl with red hair approached the lab and ran unflinchingly towards the door of the laboratory, knocking on it with a confidence he could never really master. After a small pause the girl looked around and spotted him. He blinked when she immediately headed in his direction and waved. He glanced behind him, wondering if maybe she'd seen one of her friends or something, but there was nobody around except them.

"Hi! Do you know where Professor Vayne is?" the girl asked. He couldn't bring himself to call her a woman, because she was just so small and youngish. But he didn't think that Professor Vayne would invite someone too young, would she? It was still pretty dangerous out there for anyone of any age.

"Uh, hi!" he said, raising his hand up to wave and hitting his chin a little in the process. He gave her a sheepish smile. "Were you invited here too?" he asked. After all, it was possible that she was here for some other reason. Maybe she had a research paper or was bringing stock over or was the Professor's long lost daughter or something. Admittedly, that last one wasn't quite as likely.

Then he realised he was still sitting and quickly scrambled to his feet. During which he almost fell over himself and dislodged his glasses so that they hung askew. He smiled apologetically, as though he was sorry she had to bear witness to his clumsiness. And then he realised he hadn't introduced himself, proceeding to thrust out a hand and beam.

"Hi!" he said again. "I'm Timothy, but you can call me Mothball!" Then he thought that Mothball was probably a weird name and maybe she wouldn't want to call him Mothball. It's not like anybody else did. "Um, only if you want. You could just call me Timothy. Or Tim. Or 'hey you' if you forget my name or something, which is fine because names can be hard," he tried to reassure her.

Wait, she'd asked a question. He should probably answer the question.

"Sorry," he said earnestly. "I've got no more of an idea than you. Honestly, I didn't even knock at the door because it might be rude to be early. Um. Or something," he laughed self-deprecatingly.

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