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    Originally Posted by slayerz96 View Post
    I don't think that will happen from an emerald perspective.

    I know Hoenn is the "region of water" but I don't really think Wallace fits the champion role.
    He was perfect as the 8th gym leader IMO. Juan was still okay.
    It always bothers me when there are 2 trainers of the same type in gyms&E4... well the only other case was Dragon in Johto, but its just so unnecessary when there are 17 types..

    Originally Posted by slayerz96 View Post
    Speaking of that 8th gym, what a ***** it was. Freaking ice tiles.
    I wonder what will change in the future remakes, even if it won't happen anytime soon.
    Maybe they were gonna make it an Ice gym and designed the puzzle ahead of the trainers and rosters. But the issue they would run into is quite obvious: Snorunt, Spheal, the end.

    They did make one of the E4 Ice however, but thats why she feels the most repetitive out of them all. For a gym theyd need more than 2 lines, especially as the 8th, which always have a good amount of regular trainers.

    Originally Posted by Pingouin7 View Post
    They wouldn't remake Emerald and I have no idea why people keep thinking that.
    R/S remakes with Emerald's additions, maybe.
    But not Emerald.
    And I have no idea why people keep thinking that they can force the Emerald plot into RS just like Crystal did.

    Originally Posted by slayerz96 View Post
    In the past they would come out with a third "enhanced" title such as Emerald, Platinum and Crystal.
    Now they released a pair of games after BW, which were BW2.
    IMO it is entirely possible that the next games be single and not paired versions.
    Because they will always prefer to release 2 instead of 1, not the other way around.
    If anything, I think it'd be more likely that they release all 3, than just Emerald, especially if they actually deepen and expand the region/plot instead of just remaking them.

    But think about this if you don't see it: what version exclusives would a single 3rd gen remake have? Yeah no. This is the safest option to dismiss of them all.