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    Time to begin.

    NB: Trainer Name will be Byakuya, named after Byakuya Kuchiki, my favourite male character from the Bleach anime. Rival's name will be Sosuke, named after Sosuke Aizen, the main antagonist from the Bleach anime.

    -Obtained the Easy Key
    -Obtained the Challenge Key
    -Obtained the Tower Key
    -Obtained the Treehollow Key
    -Switched to Challenge Mode
    -Received RyujinJaka the Tepig (F, Lv.5)
    NB: You have no idea how many times I had to reset for Tepig to be female
    -Obtained the Pokedex

    -Challenged Rival Sosuke
    -Rival Sosuke sent out Oshawott (M, Lv.6)
    -Two Tail Whip attacks and two Tackle attacks took down Oshawott
    -RyujinJaka learned Ember
    -Rival Sosuke was defeated

    -Healed up at the Pokemon Center
    -Received 30 Poke Balls from Bianca
    -Saved progress for now


    RyujinJaka/Tepig (F, Lv.7)
    Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember
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