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    Zangoose will be added to the National Pokédex since it is used by Cheren in one of the regular Single Battle Matches of Pokémon World Tournament Non-Rental.

    Event Update:

    For the event, more prizes will be given out.

    -25 RFCC for the winner.
    -15 and 5 RFCC for second and third placers respectively (Will only be given out if there are about 4 players in the Quiz).
    -Everybody else who does participate but does not gain First, Second or Third Place will get a certain amount of points.
    -A person who gets all 75 questions correct will be offered the Supporter Rank.

    Also, some more information.

    -You can still Sign Up for the quiz until November 25th at 1:00 AM English Time.
    -Not all questions have to be answered. It doesn't matter how many questions you answer!
    -A question's Gain Points have been dropped and all Question's Gain Points will remain 1.
    -You would have seven days to answer the questions.
    -Answers must be sent through PMs.

    On The Current Topic: They really should give Wally a Magnezone in Post-Story Mode in the R/S/E remakes. It makes his team better and also he wouldn't be limited to just using 6 kinds (Ralts + Gardevoir included) of Pokémon. Also, he even achieved the IMPOSSIBLE by training up his Ralts from Level 5, which, at the time, only had Growl. This needs a big improvement or something.