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    It's amazing how much trouble it can take to collect a held item from a wild Pokémon.

    Take for instance my Journal of the Day™: I wandered yesterevening with Scrafty looking for a flock of Solrock, confident that one of them would relinquish itself of the Sun Stone it's holding in short order. Not only were they few and far between, but separate flocks of Grobat and Swellow took their turns driving me up the wall with insanity. It so happens that I didn't find it yesterevening after all.

    After a weary sleep at the Pokémon Center, I was up at the crack of dawn - well, maybe a little later - looking again this morning. I was required to get acquainted with Grobat's "Mean Look" and Swellow's "Endeavor" over and over, which caused a few obscenities to trickle out.

    An hour and fifteen minutes later - and after knocking out a large number of Pokémon of all types - I had evolved my Johto-born Diglett (now a Dugtrio) to Lv.41 and decided that was enough (it was using the Exp Share if anyone is wondering). On my healing break, I stuck it back in the PC and chose one of my baby Pichu to have gain experience with the Exp Share.

    Another 10-15 minutes later, my patience was rewarded when a Solrock appeared, and I used Thief like so many times before...and the little bag transferred. Solrock fainted (and as a bonus, Pichu evolved into Pikachu, clearing the Kanto entry from the Pokédex), and I mashed that SAVE button like it was going to disappear any second. I then did it a second time. Just to be sure.

    I have transferred the game to my used DSi and Action Replay and will be cloning the thing; I need one immediately for an evolution and know of another. I'm not repeating that two to three hour search.

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