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Originally Posted by Destructor View Post
Almost forgot to mention some terrific news. I am happy to say that I have the acceptance of my sister who was originally turned against me by mom.
I'm really glad to hear that you have support from your sister, too. It surely makes you feel better, right?

Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
I don't understand the concept of 'coming out'. I'll tell people what I am if they ask but I don't seek to declare things to persons whom it is of no likely consequence, and it just seems moronic to come out to people that probably won't be accepting anyway, so why bother?
There are lots of reasons to come out to people. I, personally, came out only once in real life, and it backfired. But, lots of people just don't want to live a lie. They come out because they want to be with people who'll accept them, and ditch those who hate them for being gay. That's a good reason. Also, coming out enables a person to meet other gay people, and get into a relationship. You can't find a partner if no-one knows you're gay.