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Originally Posted by Lishy View Post
It doesn't matter. Ritalin is still a comparison because you're still mandating someone by law must consume a drug.

And I'm not saying the government will use vaccines as a fantasy-genocide. I'm saying that opening up the possibility with forced vaccinations is dangerous for society in the longterm. Especially at the cost of our individual liberties for our own bodies. And don't forget that the government is not responsible if you get sick from the vaccine!

But ultimately, if someone is ignorant and endangering themselves, that is none of your business. What someone does to their own body is absolutely none of your business. Period.
Are you for or against gay marriage? (It is relevant to my argument)

Also, ignorance is something different than choosing not to do it. When someone is ignorant, they may choose not to do it because they don't know the consequence of not doing it. It would be like if I gave someone allergic to peanuts a snickers bar (assume they have never seen it before). They would choose to eat it, but they would not be able to know that nuts are in it.

Also vaccines are not drugs, they are a harmless version of a virus that makes your body immune to it. There are very rare side effects, and there is little reason not to take them.
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