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    Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
    Are you for or against gay marriage? (It is relevant to my argument)

    Also, ignorance is something different than choosing not to do it. When someone is ignorant, they may choose not to do it because they don't know the consequence of not doing it. It would be like if I gave someone allergic to peanuts a snickers bar (assume they have never seen it before). They would choose to eat it, but they would not be able to know that nuts are in it.

    Also vaccines are not drugs, they are a harmless version of a virus that makes your body immune to it. There are very rare side effects, and there is little reason not to take them.
    How the heck is gay marriage even relevant for an issue like this?

    And I'm fully aware of the consequences if I choose not to have a vaccine. But I'm also not responsible for someone else who didn't have the vaccine. I don't like being treated like cattle, you know.

    Your analogy doesn't make sense in this argument because they're willingly acting. He still chose to have the snickers bar. I'm not responsible for his decisions chose to eat it.

    But the bottomline is forced vaccinations are still mandates to inject something into our body against our will. Its effectiveness at stopping viruses is irrelevant. You're absolutely missing the point about individual liberties, entirely!

    A bureaucracy should not be able to decide what a population can do to their own bodies. They especially should not force them to consume a substance because that is essentially martial law where the government controls the population.

    Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
    Also it isn't the government's job to control the population unless it gets way out of hand...
    No it's not. People are supposed to protest. That is the heart of freedom. People are supposed to control the government through a representative republic! NOT the other way around!

    The only "out of hand" that exists is when we start violating others' liberties.

    We have the second amendment so that when the first amendment is violated, we as Americans are allowed to rise up and take it back. That is why it is specifically the second amendment of our constitution after the first.

    Don't ask me. Ask Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. They knew what it meant to fight for freedom.
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