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    "Affiliation?" replied the pokemon to Penance's question. He raised his arms, and light illuminated the room. Ignus winced at the brightness, and lowere the extrasensory a little. Much better. Then he could see the pokemon fully. An Alakazam, old as hell. Probably older.

    “Affilliation…no, I’m sorry. I’m afraid I just don’t know how to answer that question. Affiliation would apply association, and I couldn’t say I’ve been associated with any individual for so long…” He looked at the shelves of knowledge, “…ah! The books! I am affiliated with the books. Yes, that is my allegiance.”

    What a weirdo.

    Zane spoke up. “Who exactly are you?”

    “Who? Who I am…who am I? It’s been so long…so long since I’ve had to say…you know, I can’t quite remember by name…” The old bastard placed an arm again to his chin, as if to contemplate the supposedly simple question of his identity. After pacing a few steps back, he turned his attention back to the group, as if almost forgetting that they were there, and only suddenly remembering. “If you must, you may simply call me the Guardian, the Architect, the Keeper. Pick your title. I am all of these…I am all of these…and yet…in a way I am none of them…Once, a long time ago, longer than I can comprehend, I was one of you, a member of the…tribe…but I digress, you have not come here to ask who, have you? No, no…it has been many years since anyone has come to ask ‘who’…no you’ve come to ask ‘what’ and ‘why’ and ‘how’, have you not? What…the initial question. More specifically: what has happened? What occurred? This is often followed by why. Why did this occur? Why did this happen? And in the conclusion of such questioning, one is posed the most central one: How? How can this be stopped? How can we reverse this? How can we win?”

    “Do you know why we are here, then?” Zane again.

    “Mmm…no, no. I wouldn’t say that. At least, I wouldn’t know your specific circumstance. I simply know the usual agenda of those who pass by here. They either put something in, or they seek to take something out. Knowledge. Since those who recently came here last had put something in, I assume that you have come to take something out. At least…I think…it was recent? Forgive me, time seems to pass by here quite quickly sometimes…or is it slowly? Hmm, something I should ponder on later…Nevertheless, that is usually the process. One comes to give knowledge…the next comes to seek it...Ah…but I cannot say I have the answers to all of these questions. In fact, I cannot say I know any of the answers that apply to your situation specifically. Many have come with their circumstances, and I have shown them the direction to their answers. But this place…” He said, extending his arms across the grand hall slowly being visible by light now shining through it. “…this place has your answer. The Grand Library.”

    Ignus slipped off on his own after this.

    I've heard enough.

    Ignus scanned the shelves, looking for anything particularly old. He read a few scrolls, mainly about stupid stuff like what town had what berries and so forth. Finally, he came across something relevant...

    June 18th, Year 2347 AFV (After the Founding of Valkaria)

    With the death of Emperor Galleon Gamble, the Order of Neoverse has been defeated. Now, we can finally be at peace, and start to rebuild Valkaria. It won’t be easy, but the Alpha Alliance and the Gold Tribe together can restore the prosperity we once had.

    I remember that Galleon wore a strange crystal. I don’t know what it was, and I never really got a chance to find out. When we searched later for it, the crystal was gone. Whether someone had taken it in the confusion, or it was simply misplaced, I don’t know. What I do know is that if Galleon was carrying it, it must have been important. I do recall him mentioning it before our fight began…

    -Jonah “Stormseeker” Defre of the Gold Tribe

    Okay. Strange crystal. Thats not too weird. Disapearing? No, someone must have taken it. Something like that just doesn't get lost under the bed. A crystal is fairly noticeable, so whoever took it must have been crafty. So Stormseeker talked to Galleon before the showdown? Well, thats not too weird either. Actually, this story doesn't seem all that relevant...but its relevant enough if it had to do with the OotN.

    "Hey. Guys! I found something!" Ignus called out. He caught a glimpse of Penance throwing his emblem down. "Looks like a bad time,"he muttered. He rolled up the scroll and followed after Hanso. At least he had some sense about him still.

    "Hey! Hey Hanso! I found something you might want to hear," called Ignus as he hurried to catch up, "but first, let me hear what you've found," he added, nodding towards the book under Hanso's arm.

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