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Originally Posted by Lishy View Post
Really? We're required by law to have a vaccine? Since when?

It doesn't matter what they actually put in the vaccines in the end. We shouldn't be giving stepping stones for malicious things in the first place. Vaccines especially.

You're missing the point that this is an issue of individual liberty versus forced vaccines.

If you guys seriously believe in forced inoculations, we might as well take it a step further and have Gestapo police barging into our houses and forcing our children to take Ritalin and other pills. Because that's essentially the same thing as forcing someone to be vaccinated by law.

And don't forget the only way to enforce a law is through force. I don't believe it's moral whatsoever for us to throw someone in jail for refusing a vaccine. Can you seriously tell me that is moral in any way whatsoever?
No one forces you to take Ritalin or any medication. No one is going to slip things into vaccines and give them to everyone and use if for population control or whatever. about the law thing, I think I missunderstood, I think you just have to take them before entering schools as a school requirement, please excuse my missunderstanding. Ive edited my post.
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