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    Catches slammed his clenched fist against his own open palm. Looking determined, he followed Yuki, keeping his keen eyes on the area around Yuki and him. He watched as Rayha left, looking at the unconscious Andy on the rhyhorn's back a little worriedly. It seemed as if every trainer was switching their pokémon to each other. Even Andy was, even if he was doing so without knowing it.

    Andy didn't budge an inch as Rayha carried him away, his mind still awash with some strange vision...
    The mist didn't lift even slightly. It continued growing thicker and thicker. Andy was going to panic, but he found something oddly hypnotic about it all. He felt calm... Like he could think clearly. He could
    felt like he was soothed and comfortable and able to concentrate, just like before... Before what?
    Andy couldn't remember. He was just too... Too relaxed...
    Andy stirred in his sleep ever so slightly, a small smile appearing across his face as he did.

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