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Originally Posted by Bourne-mouth View Post
I caught a Shiny Larvitar the other day and its one of my frequently used Pokemon. It had 31 IVs to boot.

After that, I haven't found much. Luck's toying with me.
Train it to be a beast! Luck was giving you a present lol

Originally Posted by Toshiro. View Post
I found a shiny Pidgey that I accidently killed because I was multitasking and didnt notice it was shiny until it fainted ;_; But yeah, other than that no.
Sorry for your loss. Moment of silence :x

But I'm a shiny hunter myself and it's what got me back playing pokemon in the first place. I personally like shinies for their rarity, and hunting them is a fun hobby if you're patient enough. Started hunting in SS and got really lucky and found shiny Cyndaquil in only 18 resets, and got lucky again and got shiny Eevee after a long hunt of 9401 resets. Right now I'm looking for shiny Skarmory in SS and I'm at 6363 random encounters. Hoping to get lucky soon!


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