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Originally Posted by Michielleus View Post
Okay, quick list of things not good:

*Victory Road Pokemon's levels are just as high as E4's
*After battling Brycen and his level 84 team, you get a plasma event with level 55 Pokemon.
*The youngster in the dreamyard uses level 25 Pokemon. That's BEFORE the first gym battle.
*What you call 'Difficulty' is just forcing people to grind.
*Why do Bianca/Cheren have more than 1 Pokemon after saying "Wow, my first Pokemon!"
*Keldeo. On route 1.
*A lot of Pokemon don't have any moves, like Burgh's, and will just use struggle.
*All starters are inferior to Dragonbreath Snivy.
*150/150/150/150/150/150 Hydreigon with Spacial Rend/Shadow Force/Roar of time.....

@Doesnt: He made Reshiram/Zekrom/more have 255/255/255/255/255/255. And I don't know what 'Max stats' Arceus means but it can't be good.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop here. You need to seriously review this hack.
srsly how did this...shame of a hack get approved is beyond me. The horrid changes to the pkmn stats/moves with no consideration for overall balance are like something a ten year old kid would have done (probably the OP is 10 year old too, in thinking at least)