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    After playing a few fan made Pokemon games, I found the inspiration to come up with my own. Unfortunately I currently only have a mac, and I have no clue where to find any of the software or if it even exists for mac. I'm planning for it to be a 3rd gen hack. I have a pretty dandy story, if you don't mind reading it... (undecided names are marked with (X)"

    Basic Game Ideas

    I thought of this story to be based on perspective. It is supposed to really test your moral and emotion. Drugs, violence, ect. will be portrayed, including deaths of close characters in the game. The game is heavily story based, and throughout most of the game Pokemon are sparse. The Pokedex will probably not reach 100.

    Many, many years after the events of all Pokemon games, Pokemon have become extremely rare, illegal for any person without a license to own. Reasons for these are unknown to the player, at the beginning of the game. You start the game talking to a figure in dark, much like Professer Oak would talk to you, except you can't see the person. He asks you if you want to join Team (X), a revolutionary group devoted to freeing Pokemon and bringing the world back to the classical age. With "Yes" being your only option, you spawn in a building, the base of Team (X).


    I'm planning for the majority of the map to be one large city, with a large variety of enterable buildings and locations around the city that host the games events. Outskirts of the city will have a little countryside, with (a) smaller town/village(s). You never encounter surf-able water, waterfalls, cuttable trees, ect. HMs are non-existent. The world needs to me as believable and realistic as possible while maintaining a Pokemon world.

    Gameplay while in Team (X)

    A large portion of the game is spent working for Team (X). During this portion of the game you do not have to many choices of Pokemon, perhaps three occasions of choosing three different Pokemon (total choosing 3 Pokemon out of 9 options). You are pretty much a henchman, like a grunt for Team Rocket. You do various missions for them, working through ranks of the Team (Team (X) is a large underground illegal corporation. You would be able to move in a rank after corrupting branch of the police/government, supposedly bringing you closer to Pokemon's liberation. Moving up in ranks enables you to reach newer parts of the base and talk to new, more important people. The world is open, although the actual story line in linear in that you must do things in a specific order to advance through to game.
    Before attempting to corrupt a branch, (which involves facing the leader of that branch, much like a gym leader), you must do smaller missions causing chaos towards that branch. Often missions seem immoral or wrong, such as stealing money from a bank, but you are never allowed to question. Each mission involved series of Pokemon battles with police officers, and other government positions. These missions and enrollment in Team (X) really make the government look bad. Suddenly, after you have corrupted 3-4 of the 8 branches, Team (X) receives a package. The package is carrying a bomb, and the whole base is blown up. You black out, the credits play, then you wake up in a hospital.

    2nd Half; Police Work
    After waking up in a bed and having the nurse told you had been sleeping and recovering for a few months now, you get up go to the back to Team (X)'s base. However all you find there is rubble. It is then you realize that all three of the Pokemon you chose are gone. Just then someone behind you talks to you. He talks about Team (X) as if he knew that you were a part of them. He said that they are just as strong, but hidden and even more secret than before. He says that you need and job and takes you to a police station and dresses you up as a police officer, he tells you that you are now a patrolmen and that you better report to your leader soon. After picking up a new pokemon you are sent through much of the same idea as the first part with Team (X) however this time you are doing work for the police. Additionally, as a police officer you have the right to own Pokemon and can now go outside the city and catch wild Pokemon. Various side quests are outside the city but most if not all of the main storyline is in the city. While during work for the police and advancing through ranks (often facing Team (X) goons, although not limited to), you start receiving phone calls from a mysterious man. You soon figure out that this is the same man that recruited you into Team (X), and he gives brief calls in the form of haikus giving updates about Team (X), asking why you are now a police officer, and threatening you to stop doing work for the government. You keep the police job however, but in addition start doing work for Team (X) via phone call. During a mission you stumble over classified documents, a turning point in the game. The documents show why Pokemon have been illegalized towards to general population. Accounts of mass murder, cruelty, tortue, and other crimes were shown to be escalating with the use of Pokemon. After that you have a new objective to find out as much as you can about the past when Pokemon existed.

    Final Mission

    The final mission involves both of your greatest friends from Team (X) and the Police ordering you to kidnap the other. You have to choose one of them, and whichever one you choose, through a series of events, the other one is murdered. Putting down your Pokemon you move and leave the area and decide to leave in solitude, where no one can bother you again.


    As you see these are just the basic outlines of the story and gameplay, any questions, criticism, plot holes, ect. are appreciated. Also any tips on fanmade Pokemon games using the mac is also appreciated.